Thursday, August 27

Stitch Fix Box

If you've never heard of Stitch Fix you're definitely missing out!
I've been their customer for three months now and I'm absolutely enjoying their boxes.
It's basically an online personal stylist company that sends you clothes, shoes, and accessories. So for those of you that hate shopping or just don't like dealing with people in general try out stitch fix!

They do a wonderful job finding perfect jeans, dresses, and anything you request your stylist to put into your upcoming stitch fix box.

Give it a try!

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Monday, January 12

Happy New Year! #TeamAuggie

I know... I'm kinda late but at least I'm still in the month of January!


Happy 2015!

For those of you that have the new years resolution to get in shape be sure to dress fashionable! 

#TeamAuggie can help you out!


My Brother is actually apart of Team Auggie and is trying to spread more awareness about ovarian cancer. So please check out Auggie Apparel at 

 "Make the Best Better"(4-H Motto) I hope you all will help out by sharing these awesome workout clothes that not only benefit your life but everyone else around you. 

Happy New Years Again! 

Much Luv,


Wednesday, December 3

Beauty over 100 year

In 1 min we see how much beauty and style have changed in the past 100 years. It's a pretty cool video. 

Much Luv


sometimes life just happens

Wow! It's been over a year since I last posted! Let's see if I can get ya'll caught up. 

Let's say the past year has been a journey.
 I'm in college now ( well currently at a community college to get my basics out of the way). 
I haven't really photographed much this past year. 
I've made some wonderful new friends. And we've all had  ton of adventures and fun in the past few months. 
My pixie cute has grown out and I did a rustic red ombre over the summer. I still currently have that going on in my hair. I've decided to grow out my hair as I've never had long hair.
I'm currently 19, as my birthday was last month. I have a nose piercing that's fun! It was my 19th bday gift. 

Still haven't had that first boyfriend yet since I'm focusing on school and friends. 

Finals are next week and I'm already stressing out about it. 

I've finally visited California, San Fransisco. That was my graduation trip and it was fun but tiring.

What else? 
If you have any questions you can always leave a comment asking me. :) 

Hope you are all well. I'm sorry I haven't been active over the past year and half. Imma try to get back into blogging because It was a fun stress reliever.

Much Love,


Monday, September 9

Fun with lips/eyes

Blue vs. Red. 

I decided to have fun with red lip stain and liquid blue eyeliner... 

Much luv, 


Sunday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's to all the moms out there! 
I thank my mother for taking care of me for these past 13years! It has been a long journey of good and bad times. I thank her for accepting me as one of her own children and not only being a mom, but my teacher as well. 

I want to thank all the woman that have embraced me into their lives and accepted me as another daughter in their family. 

Thank you to you all! Have a wonderful day! 


No makeup

This is sad... But I've been to busy to put on my whole face... -.- I've just been doing Chapstick, mascara, and eyeliner. Most of the time it's just one of those things.... Bleh! But in ways, it's kinda refreshing to have just a clear face. Just add some moisturizer and it feels nice! But I just wanted to say that's why there haven't been many makeup posts. Sure I use some posts that aren't mine, but this blog was for my to put my experience with makeup... 

Well here's a pic of me using liquid eyeliner for eyeshadow.... Lets just say it was a tad too much.... O.O

It matches my towel....


Tuesday, April 30

This is interesting...

Imagine a world where "gay" was "straight" and "straight" was "gay", How Would
You Live If You Couldn't Love?

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NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

*sobs* *cries* *tearbends*....

My iPhone 5 has a major crack in it, and it's starting to spread. And repairs for the screen basically cost the same amount as a new phone! -.-.... *sigh* I'm just happy that I have money to pay for it....but still come on! What happened to things being cheap.... I guess a  new age and new era have started in today's society. It's to be expected to just buy new stuff when old ones get broken...

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Monday, April 29

Cute Asian Styles

The more I look at them more I love Asian fashion! :)


Details | Zuhair Murad

Till next time! <3

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Asian Eye Styles

 I love looking at eye photos! :) Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :D

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Sunday, April 28


So i work at a food store and at 10am a man comes in and starts getting bunch of crap. 18 carts full of groceries later... $8000 spent... And the store still hasn't finished this order! 10am-12am! Blah! O.o.... Oh and the man keeps shopping!!!! He's coming back in the morning, but come on this is crazy! But he did say its for a party.... -.-.... Who wishes they could just spend $10000 on food for one night? Craziness!

Thursday, April 18